Focalpoint Analytics is a knowledge discovery company that specializes in the development of enhanced understanding through expertly performed data analysis.

Long lists of statistical tests and algorithms tell you a company is in the statistical processing business, not the Data Analysis business. Pre-planned statistical processing and data tabulations are fine for a surface examination of your data. However, most work of this nature is performed by "stat-pack" technicians who know little to nothing about your business. Expertise with statistical tools is necessary, but the development of enhanced understanding is more about the intersection of quantitative expertise with contextually relevant knowledge and experience.

Companies that sell analytical services on the basis of a shopping list of statistical tools are selling production statistical work, not access to a well performed data analysis.

We are experts in the use of statistical tools so we are experts in production statistical processing. However, our primary business is the development of enhanced understanding, not mountains of tables and esoteric statistical outputs. At Focalpoint Analytics your data analysis is conducted by Dr. Robert Lunn, a senior data analyst with thirty years of analytical experience across a wide spectrum of products and services (see biography).

This site has two purposes. First, it serves to introduce our services and analytical perspective. Second, it strives to educate people in the analytical arts. Our approach is substantially different from the perspective of the type of technical discussions you see in quantitative course work. Quantitative course work is designed to teach you how to use statistical tools. Our approach says that, expertise in the use of tools, like a paint brush, does not qualify someone to go out and paint a Mona Lisa.

The essence of data analysis is about the discovery of knowledge and creation of enhanced understanding. Our first white paper “Blind Statistical Processing and the Illusion of Knowledge Part One: Under Conceptualization - The Simple Model” illustrates the danger of automatically applying statistical algorithms without first looking at the data and understanding the results in the context of the business situation. Other papers are forthcoming. Over time, we hope this web site will grow into a focal point for the art of data analysis. We also hope to have some fun on this site.

If you are interested in our services, please send us an Email or give us a call. We would love to hear from you.

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Focalpoint Analytics
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We invite you to quote from the materials on this site. However, we ask that if you use our ideas or materials, that you cite the source. The citation format is : “Paper name”, Robert Lunn, Ph.D., “Date”.