Robert J. Lunn, Ph.D. is the president of Focalpoint Analytics / Eta Consulting. Focalpoint Analytics / Eta Consulting provides advanced data analytic services. Prior to forming Focalpoint Analytics, Dr. Lunn was the Executive Director of Survey Research Operations at J.D. Power and Associates. Dr. Lunn has accumulated over thirty years of multivariate statistics, research design, and data analysis experience across a large variety of industries.

Dr. Lunn is one of the pioneers in the utilization of advanced analytical methods in business research. His early segmentation analysis of the fast food industry identified the importance of the ‘custom burger’ segment, forming the rationale for marketing efforts such as the 'Have it your way' campaign. His work in the computer industry demonstrated how rapidly changing technology results in the rapid evolution of customer needs. Dr. Lunn’s work in the cellular phone industry demonstrated how the definition of ‘cellular call quality’ varies as a function of cellular usage, and that drivers of satisfaction and dissatisfaction markedly change with degree of usage, directly linking different needs and wants of the consumer with different revenue levels. Dr. Lunn also currently serves as the Senior Researcher for the USC Annenberg Center for the Digital Futures Longitudinal Study of Individual and Social Effects of PC/Internet Technology.

Dr. Lunn has considerable research and consulting experience in the following areas:

  • Communications (Cellular services/ The Internet)
• Customer Satisfaction Modeling/ Derived Importance Analysis (Numerous industries)
• Digital Technology (The Internet, Technology Diffusion, ISPs, Web Sites, Computers)
• Energy (Utilities, Automotive Service Stations)
• Entertainment (Amusement Parks - Disney, Knott's, Lion Country Safari)
• Fast Food (Several national chains)
• Human Resources (Employee Satisfaction, Swift Inc.)
• Operations (Process Measurement / Design / Simulation)
• Pharmaceuticals (Physician Drug Ratings)
• Research (Marketing, Sales, Operations, Design - Numerous Research Suppliers)
• Retail (Operations, Sales, Image)
• Segmentation Analyses (Numerous industries)
• Transportation (Automotive (numerous OEMs), Commercial Truck, Rapid Transit, Motorcycles)
• Travel / Hotels (Airlines, Lodgings, Rental Cars, Cruise Lines)

Dr. Lunn received his M.A. and Ph.D. in Cognitive Psychology from The Claremont Graduate University. He performed post-doctoral training as a National Institute of Health (NIH) Fellow at the University of California, Berkeley. Dr. Lunn is a recipient of the prestigious Cattell award, presented by the New York Academy of Science for the best dissertation in Psychology in the United States.

Dr Lunn’s most recent publication appears as a book chapter in: “The Internet in Everyday Life” Wellman and Haythornthwaite Editors, Blackwell Publishing, 2002. Dr. Lunn is currently completing two articles: "Cross-Country Diffusion of Innovations: Paradigm Revised", and "Exposure to the Internet" written for The International Encyclopedia of Communication".

Dr Lunn’s most recent speaking engagement was an invited address before the “Critical Success Factors for Consulting and Collaboration” workshop jointly presented by the Reed Institute for Decision Science and the Southern California Chapter of the American Statistical Association. His presentation discussed the dangers of blind statistical data aggregation.

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